Friday, 4 November 2016

Are You Informed Enough From A Voters Guide?

Things You should Know 

Before You Cast Your Vote

"As a citizen, you need to know how to be a part of it, how to express yourself - and not just by voting"- Sandra Day O'Connor ( Ex- Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of United States).

A perfectly well defined summation of a responsible citizen, whose duties should not end at just the vote ballot. Before casting one's vote, it is imperative to be well informed, and study voter guides. Why not research about the voting formalities, the procedure as well as the scenario?

 A brief voters guide would enable you to be a more conscious voter. A well informed and clued-up vote goes a long way.

Five Vital Steps To Gear Up

1.      Register: Visit this site by US Government carrying all the information about the registration process, it mentions the deadlines for different states. Although, many states have closed their registration process, some might still be opened until November 8th. Check out the eligibility and registered status here.

2.      The Candidates: Votes are precious and it is important that it goes to the deserving candidate. Be decisive about what you are looking for, in the leader. Gradually evaluate the stands of different candidates on important issues. Be informed, be active and remember that every vote counts.

3.      Absentee Voting: Travelling ? or not sure of your presence on the D-day ? Do not ignore the power of voting, you can still participate. Consult the election office of your state and get prepared days ahead.

4.      The Polling Booth: Its one of the busiest day on the polling day and your schedule might be hectic too, its recommended that you plan ahead and get information about your polling place. Make sure to check out its location and map out your travelling time so that you have ample of time to get familiar with its hours of operation.

5.      The Right ID Card:  Each state follow distinctive guidelines when it comes to documents and proceedings. Make sure to be well informed with your state's election office's requirements for the right ID cards on the day of election.

The 'DO' and 'Do not' List

After you garner much information during pre election time, it is necessary to do a check list and make sure there is no room for errors when you step out to cast your vote.

The 'Do' List

· Confirm your registration status

· Recheck your polling location twice, some might get changed or you might missed an updated information.

·   Decide your most convenient time to vote, from 6 am to 6pm. Mornings, evening and lunch hours are the most busiest.

·   Do not forget your Identification card, that carries your photograph and signature.

·   If it's your first time, please consult a poll worker for instructions before using the voting machine.

·  Be alert while encountering any problem while you operate the machine, inform the precinct      officers so they can handle any mishap for the next vote.

·  Do make efforts to remind your family and friends to exercise their vote, everyone deserves to be heard through their votes.

The 'Not to do' List

·  As long as you are in the queue till 6 pm, you are allowed to vote. Do not reach the venue just before the voting ends, do not be impatient to see long lines.

·  If you are an active campaigner of a party, restrict your activities on the final day. Do not distribute handbills to other voters or participate in any last minute campaign near 300 feet of the polling place, as it is illegal.

·  Do not bring cameras or cell phones with you to the voting machine.

·   Finally, do not forget to thank the officials as the polling is not a success without their efforts.
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Good Luck and Happy Voting !

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